How unique and pioneering is KingTech really?

Since its inception, KingTech has embarked on a mission to build a decentralized internet infrastructure.

Indeed, decentralized finance (DeFi) has opened up a lot of opportunities and applications for crypto enthusiasts in the blockchain space. In recent years, a series of groundbreaking innovations have emerged, notably DeFi, the irreplaceable token (NFT) and Game DApp. These DApps have begun to create key activities that are driving the boom in the blockchain industry.

According to DappRadar, in Q1 2021, Binance Smart Chain hit an all-time high of $ 700 billion in transaction volume, with growth fueled by an increase in activities such as trading and lending. and payment.

Furthermore, this shows that the opportunities lurking around DeFi are extremely impactful and as a result the DeFi ecosystem is gaining more and more traction. Today, new DeFi products and services are created to provide better services and results to market stakeholders.

KingTech – a unique ecosystem from Game DApp to Bot Trading, has provided unique services and benefits for crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in the crypto space. The decentralized ecosystem is creating a blockchain-based entertainment and exchange system that will redefine how crypto entrepreneurs exchange market value and infrastructure.

Since its inception, KingTech has embarked on a mission to build a Decentralized Internet Infrastructure. And to achieve this, KingTech applies an authorized proof of stake (DPoS) algorithm to avoid slow transaction speeds and high transaction fees like a blockchain that uses a proof of work (PoW) algorithm. Here are some of the amazing features of the KingTech ecosystem that help it outperform other platforms.

BO Exchange: AI robot helps to optimize Forex market and profitability helps investors achieve good results when investing in Forex.

KingGame: This is a sports game system applying technology directly connecting with leading global partners to create new and unique experiences. With a system of global partners, this ecosystem provides continuous services and also supports other cryptocurrencies to help users participate in the network seamlessly.

Electronic money loan: This system provides P2P loans, helps creditors optimize profits and borrowers get loans quickly from the system.

KIDEX: This BSC-based decentralized exchange enables fast transactions, reduces slippage and optimizes transaction fees.

NFT + FomoJackpot: A decentralized lottery app built on Binance Smart Chain.

Basically, KIN tokens are used to pay transaction fees in the KingTech ecosystem. With this token, network users can receive a more affordable transaction fee compared to other payment methods using different cryptocurrencies. And as such, this allows gamers and crypto enthusiasts to engage in various activities within the platform to make even more profits. Currently, KingTech has more than 1,000 live games with players from over 100 countries as well as more than 40 top game partners.

What’s interesting is that KingTech is creating a platform with easy-to-use built-in features and services for stakeholders to seamlessly earn rewards and maximize the value of their digital assets. More than that, this blockchain technology aims to simplify transactions by processing blockchain-related complexities to facilitate an entertaining and seamless ecosystem.

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