Bitcoin prediction twenty years ago

1997 was a year of great events, Mr. Clinton began his second term as president of the United States, blockbuster Titanic dominated the box office, popular Hanson song “MMMBop” blocked the tables. ratings. And this is also the time of the famous book “Individualism: Mastering in the Transfer of Information Age” (original: The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age) by Simon and Schuster. published. James Dale Davidson and William Rees Mogg, two veteran investigative reporters at Strategic Investment, a 100,000-copy-issue weekly, have emphasized: this is a history book focusing on the future. next. Humanity is also involved in this transition. The duo accurately portrayed the original form of a digital currency like today’s bitcoin. And this prediction came about ten years before Satoshi Nakamoto invented the bitcoin coin.

The father of Bitcoin

In a sub-section of the book above, written in the late 1990s, there is the quote “The advent of the Age of Information is also a revolution that changed the nature of money. When the online competition began, it was time for digital money to take over. This new form of currency will rearrange world sovereignty. An important part of this change will be due to the influence of information technology in releasing wealth through inflation. ”

Lord William Rees-Mogg died in 2013 when he was 84 years old. He was the youngest editor when he started working for The London Times and also the most veteran employee. He famously wore classic, handwritten suits even when computers became popular, and never drove.

His editorials all have profound implications. When regal British society sold the drug-abusing band The Rolling Stone, he said: “If there is any conflict between traditional British cultural values ​​and new-style pleasures, we must be sure. that our long-standing values ​​always include the values ​​of tolerance and fairness. ” He also wrote many articles on economics.

When he collaborated with Davidson to write “Individualism” (TSI), he was over 67. “Soon, you will have to pay almost every transaction on the internet or on the website at the same time you place your order. digital money. This new form is playing a key role in e-commerce. This coin consists of a multi-digit cryptographic string that is unique, secure and transparent. This currency will accommodate all transactions from smallest to largest. And it could become one of the few currencies traded on a multibillion-dollar borderless market.

Accurate to every detail

James Dale Davidson is famous for making many predictions, although not all of them happen. He is notorious for not being a part of the Clinton administration, but Davidson is best known for making an accurate prediction about the US economy going down without stopping. And of course in 2008, he was right. He is also the founder of the National Federation of Taxpayers and a frequent contributor to Newsmax news site.

Davidson met Lord Rees-Mogg while still at Oxford 40 years ago. The meeting between the two people about the search for ancient books has opened up a friendship and friendship that lasted decades. His typical studies can include many books and of course, The Sovereign Individual (Individualism) cannot be ignored.

“Certainly, this new cryptocurrency will be privatized. When individualism can be exchanged in a material insubstantial environment, any long-term government policy to reduce the value of money through inflation will be ineffective. And the tool of controlling money is no longer concentrated in the hands of a group of people, but will be popular in the global market.

This book contains many sharp arguments that presuppose a clear notion of the influence of liberalism in America on the rest of the world. This influence is shown in the fact that many countries learn from the smallest management methods such as states, the right to freedom of expression even about government.


In addition, Davidson and Lord Rees-Mogg believe that a conflict in Western civilization will ensue in the 21st century. The nature of government is dependent. They took the working class to divide it with the group they favored.

The government can completely become a fair arbitrator. If it were to be issued broadly, the unlimited currency would also go to a dead end. A new world will begin when manufacturing industries decide to exchange over the Internet.

Human life will change completely according to the rotation of digital technology. The productive class will not be bound by the government or other forces that they have complete discretion to produce goods and services in ways that were unprecedented. As a result, a monopoly government has since disintegrated.

Davidson and Lord Rees-Mogg are also unsure what will happen as government defense and welfare services are disappearing. At the very least, the pure aristocracy and the dignitaries, the driving force of society, will rebuild the world once more, where they are more valued than bound by regional and regional factors. politic.

Liberating money is also human liberation. “Each transaction involves the transmission of chains of thousands of encrypted numbers,” explains the book’s author. Unlike the easily reproducible banknotes that the government issued in the era of the gold standard before. But in the digital age this counterfeiting is completely impossible and every invoice will be individually verified. This prediction was surprisingly accurate.

New type of digital currency will change the way of trading, giving power to the wealthy.


“Using this new type of digital currency will free you from government control”

However, there are a few points in this book that I disagree with. Bitcoin only operates on a few levels because it is easy for the government to accept only one version and restrict physical transactions to any one procedure. So I don’t believe Bitcoin can defeat fiat currency or the power of government.

And the government is completely authoritarian, they exist based on their supreme power.

Transactions in bitcoin are also a way to get out of government control. However, government has always been adept in two areas: deprivation and destruction. Many believe that their lives today are the result of government policies and this did not foresee the dictator’s demise. Either way, this book touches the boundaries of a masterpiece worth reading.