Survey: 72% of US recognized investors are planning to invest in DeFi in 2021

A recent survey revealed the latest trend of recognized investors in the United States, targeting the decentralized financial (DeFi) sector. Research shows that the majority of them are likely to invest in DeFi this year.

70% of respondents have invested in Bitcoin

According to Xangle that surveyed 379 recognized investors, 67% of whom had some knowledge of DeFi. Overall, such respondents claim to have developed a significant interest in the crypto industry over the past year or so.

But the level of interest was even more, as 72.2% of them said it was “very likely to invest” in DeFi over the next 12 months.

According to the study, only 17.5% of accredited investors think they are “likely to invest”.

Furthermore, the crypto asset disclosure platform found that respondents invested more now than before the Corona virus epidemic. According to the figures, 70% of US recognized investors have invested in Bitcoin.

Additional corseting:

“Investors surveyed see Bitcoin as a store of value that will bring high returns, either through short-term investments or by buying and holding.”

However, respondents believe that there is a lack of regulations regarding the protection of users in the crypto industry, including DeFi. According to the study, 78% of them think “regulators need to protect investors more”.

“Survey respondents believe that what makes investors turn their backs on cryptocurrencies is the lack of regulatory protection, fraud, lack of industry awareness and education.”

Bitcoin remains “the top choice for future profits”

Although there is a lot of interest in investing in DeFi, the survey concludes Bitcoin is still the top choice “for future returns”.

Xangle explained that if accredited investors have $ 100,000 to invest but have to leave it for four years, “31.7% would choose Bitcoin while 29% would go to blue-chip stocks as an investment. better investment ”.

Lihan Lee, co-founder of Xangle, commented on the survey:

“The survey results confirm our belief that accredited investors are excited about investing in crypto assets, but they are hesitant to lack regulatory protection, fraud and lack of industry awareness and education. It is extremely important to the industry as a whole to promote and give this new wave of investors everything they need to ensure a positive experience and keep investing.

Xangle has implemented the following guidelines to determine who qualifies as a “recognized investor” for the survey:

“Our 379 respondents are considered accredited investors. Those are the people who can trade securities that are probably not registered as cryptocurrencies. According to SEC Rule 501, they must have a minimum income of $ 200,000 for an individual – 71% of our respondents – or a total income of $ 300,000, accounting for the remaining 29% of us. .

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