Most Supported Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Early 2021, we once again see Bitcoin peaking at $41K & this is a fertile time for crypto exchanges.

1. Binance

There is no doubt that Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Because not only traders around the world are still choosing Binance as the main Crypto exchange every day.

Currently, the Binance exchange is ranked 1st by in the list of the largest exchanges in the world (data updated on 05/29/2021).

We have also trusted & chosen Binance for many years in the market & are completely satisfied with what this Binance crypto exchange has to offer. If you also have the same experience as me, please share below for everyone to refer.

2. Coinbase Exchange

According to, the third-ranked exchange is Coinbase Exchange.

Coinbase Exchange is the largest US cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2014. However, not many traders in some countries do not know about this exchange. For a very simple reason, they do not allow some countries to participate in trading on their exchange.

The only product that we can use of Coinbase is an e-wallet. This is also the electronic wallet that I use to store all the coins I own. After about 4 years of use, we have not encountered any problems, so we trust Coinbase wallet and will continue to use it in the near future.

3. Huobi Global

As one of the exchanges that joined the market very early in 2013, Huobi Global clearly shows its position in the market. The Huobi Global exchange has many similarities with the Binance exchange from the interface to the way it works.

So we also regularly use Huobi Global exchange when the coins are not available on Binance exchange.

At the time of writing this article 05/29/2021, Huobi Global is also being ranked by in the top of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, just behind Binance.

4. Kraken

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange is one of the exchanges with high trading volume and high liquidity according to Coincapmarket. The company was incorporated in San Francisco on July 28, 2011 and its headquarters are located in California, USA.

Initially, the floor focused heavily on European citizens, but gradually shifted to global.

Transaction fees are one of the biggest advantages of Kraken. Transaction fees are charged on both the requester (Maker) and the trader (Taker). At the start, the transaction fee is 0.16% for transaction requesters and 0.26% for traders. As the number and volume of transactions increase, the transaction fee will gradually decrease to 0% for transaction creators and 0.1% for traders.

5. Bitfinex

BitFinex is known as an exchange that offers many high security features, safe, but quite difficult to use for newcomers. You can use quite a few types of trading orders from basic to advanced.

The biggest difference of Bitfinex compared to the above exchanges is that it allows Margin trading.

6. AscendEX

Like Binance, HouBi, AscendEX is also one of the most popular Trade Coin exchanges among traders, formerly BitMax.

AscendEX is a global digital asset exchange. AscendEX focuses on transparency and service quality. Therefore, AscendEX is gradually becoming one of the leading trading platforms of the Crypto market. Moreover, AscendEX also has the backing of BitMan (the world’s largest mining company) and a series of well-known investment funds such as FPG Capital, DAHUA Capital, GBIC.

7. Bithumb

In the top of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges, South Korea also has a representative, Bithumb.

Bithumb is the #1 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange in South Korea. Bithumb is also regularly ranked in the Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the World in terms of trading volume. Currently, it is the exchange with the lowest fees in the world.

According to a report from Korea, Bithumb accounts for about 75.7% of the market share of the Bitcoin market in Korea and accounts for about 10% of the total global trading volume.

8. Bitmex

BitMex is an exchange for Bitcoin and Bitcoin-based derivatives. In addition to Bitcoin, other virtual currencies on BitMex are derivative virtual currencies. That is, inheriting the value of virtual currencies. The altcoin codes on BitMex themselves have no intrinsic value, but all will be attributed to Bitcoin.

BitMex’s platform helps traders predict the price of bitcoin and altcoins and profit from it. This is like you benefit from predicting a coin’s rise or fall, but you don’t actually buy or sell coins for a profit like regular exchanges.

The above are cryptocurrency exchanges that are highly appreciated by us and the community, but choosing for yourself a cryptocurrency exchange to create a premise for winning in the cryptocurrency market needs you to Be wise and choose for yourself an exchange, it will probably be one of the exchanges we have introduced in this article.

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