Merchant token ICO project DeFi

Project DeFi in 2021 is the Merchant token ICO. This is a very potential project because it is backed by the HIPS Payment Group (

Merchant token has a total of 50,000,000 tokens being sold at the Public-sale participants (ICO) round and divided into 100 rounds of sale currently sold at round 23 (Current phase 23) with the current price of 0.42 $ / 1 MTO tokens . The Merchant token price is gradually increasing round by round until the end of the ICO ie round 100, the price will be $ 1.2 3 times the current price. And when listing on the market it will be many times more. Because of the support of many large corporations, it has only been sold for 2 days, but has sold to the 23rd round and has earned nearly $ 4 million.

The number of people participating in the Merchant token project is increasing because in April 2021 Merchant Token will announce the sponsor of the first largest project, by May 2021 Merchant Token will announce the investor. support for the 2nd largest project, so the number of participants will be increasing. Those who participate first will have high profits and slower profits will be less.

Register to participate in the project at the following link:

Until today round is 28, the current price is $ 0.47 and there are 72 more rounds to the end and the price will increase gradually up each round when the end of the 100 round ico price will be $ 1.2 3 times the current At and when listing on the coin market, the price will be many times higher because this is a prestigious project with investment from large international corporations, do not miss the opportunity.

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