The best sites to earn free coins (mining free coins) 2021 and Crypto News Links

1. The best free Bitcoin earning site ever, you only need to register an account, every hour will be claimed once and will earn several dozen satoshi (1 Bitcoin = 100 million satoshi) and 2 lottery tickets to play the game or exchange for Bitcoin.

2. – The second best free Bitcoin mining and advertising surf that you should join. I have been earning quite a bit of Bitcoin from this reputable site.

3. CryptoTab Browser – Mining Bitcoins with your idle personal computer based on CPU but absolutely no lag, just hang up and get Bitcoins.

4. is a site that allows to earn free ETH similar to the site above, see detailed instructions and new payment proof here.

5. Timebucks – Survey, post money making videos, pay automatically every Thursday through your Bitcoin wallet. See details on how to make money with TimeBucks here.

6. Okex is the 5th largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in the world in 2021. Currently, the exchange has a policy of giving away free Bitcoins to users, requiring a passport to register. Sign an account, details how to earn free Bitcoin with Okex.

7. Coinpayu – New Bitcoin earning site that can make offers, watch videos and window ads to earn more Bitcoins. See detailed tutorial with Coinpayu.

8. – A reputable site to earn free Bitcoin from clicks, the website has been in operation since 2015 and there is no website that pays a higher click price.

9. In addition, you can see a list of Bots that make money Bitcoin, ETH, Dogecoin on Telegram.

10. – The site to earn Dogecoin, LTC, BCH, Tron and many different coins paid via, see detailed instructions here.

11. is an electronic wallet to store small amounts of Bitcoin of online money-making websites that receive money via Bitcoin, users who join Bitcoin earning sites each time will receive a little Bitcoin that cannot be withdrawn. directly to popular wallets like Coinbase or Blockchain immediately but must withdraw here to accumulate more, after many new withdrawals to Coinbase or Blockchain wallets, the purpose is to reduce the cost of transferring money in the Bitcoin network.

12. – Earn free Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash by various aggregate forms such as free claim, shorten link or PTC ads. See details on how to fight FaucetCrypto here.

The above are the most reputable free Bitcoin mining sites that you should join, in addition, you should be wary of 99% of the remaining sites are scams, scams, not paying you. Typically, the 3 sites, and have been scams for a long time, but many websites still recommend you to join.

Reputable cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchanges should join tham

The value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the past 6 years has mostly increased by 30 to 100 times which is normal. And many investors have actually made their fortunes from cryptocurrencies. Trends this year and many years to come, cryptocurrencies have always been one of the hottest topics of making money online.

Trade coin is a form of buying and selling coins (cryptocurrency) to make a profit (buy at low price and sell at high price). Talking about buying and selling seems to be too easy, but to get rich with Trade coin, you must have a lot of experience. Including the ability to read and understand the chart to know the stop of the price, the ability to judge and decide with the element of luck. Most coins are dominated by Bitcoin, so to understand its price you also have to know the Bitcoin situation. This form requires you to have capital, vision and luck.

You should join the reputable exchanges below to buy, sell or exchange your Bitcoins:

1.Binance – The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, trading volume reaches over 30 billion USD daily.

2. Huobi – The world's top 2 exchange in terms of trading volume of ETH, Bitcoin and other digital currencies, reaching over 20 billion USD daily.

3. Kraken – The world's top 3 exchange in terms of the number of daily transactions of cryptocurrencies, a very good choice to mention if you do not want to join the top 1 and top 2 exchanges above.

4. Okex is the 5th largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has a daily free Bitcoin giveaway program and is also a reputable place to buy and sell Bitcoin and virtual currency.

5. Coinex – The electronic exchange in the top 10 currently has many preferential policies for participating members, using CET and dividing the profit of trading coin fees for all participating members.

6.Bitfinex – The exchange was established in the British Virgin Islands and the head office is located in Taiwan, London, Hong Kong. The executive team is present worldwide.

7. Poloniex – is one of the very active virtual currency exchanges in the world thanks to its strong security features and advanced trading features.

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