Discover Bityard – the first exchange-owned Margin trading platform in the market

Exchanges are one of the booming fields in the cryptocurrency market. Also for that reason, the birth density of the floor is also getting thicker, at a faster rate. But, how to survive, and above all, surpass the big guys in the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is still a concern for many project owners. And today, Bityard exchange and its underlying token – BYD, will give you the answer.

Bityard – a new wind for the cryptocurrency market

Bityard is one of the market’s leading platforms for cryptocurrency contract trading. With the motto “Detailed contract, easy transaction”, Bityard has brought more than 100,000 users from more than 150 countries the opportunity to participate in its “Easy transaction” model. This is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges on the list of choices for users who do not have much investment experience.

Registered for establishment in April 2020 in Singapore, after only two months of operation, Bityard has had many remarkable achievements that few exchanges have. The first is a series of legal and closely monitored Finance licenses from the US Financial Administration (MSB), the Singapore Business Administration (ACRA), the Estonian Financial Administration (MTR), China. Center for analysis and reporting of Australian transactions (AUSTRAC).

Why does Bitcoin Magazine put this information first?

Quite a lot of people think that the cryptocurrency market operates very freely and stands outside the law. However, that is a wrong view; especially in the context of a lot of scam projects, scam exchanges of users money. Therefore, the factor of choosing a platform to deposit trust and assets does not come from the mechanism of how to get rich quickly, but from the fact that the exchange respects the law and ensures the safety of users. or not!

The second outstanding achievement is that, in less than 60 days of operation, Bityard has brought in more than 100,000 active users. Knowing that you are a “latecomer” in the cryptocurrency market, this exchange is extremely focused on the experience and benefits for users. In the early days of registration, the exchange decided to open up to $ 256 Bounty to users. And especially, after completing the account registration on Bityard, users can immediately receive $ 5 into their wallet.

And the third (but not final) bright spot is that Bityard has multilingual support, which is suitable for those who are not too fluent in English. In particular, the floor does not use Google Translate to translate languages. Bityard has almost set up separate teams in each country, including Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Russia, Korea, India, Indonesia, … For the floor version in each country, Bityard has completely optimized the information so that everything is simple and easiest to understand for each investor and trader.

What is Bityard’s competitive advantage?

As a fledgling Margin, Bityard has made great efforts to create its own identity, positioning Bityard’s name in the cryptocurrency market through the following advantages:

Low transaction fees

This is a factor that many investors count when choosing an exchange. A reasonable transaction fee, extremely low spread is the point that Bityard has done better than many other competitors.

This is arguably one of the simplest and most low-cost images of any platform today. Even lower than major platforms such as Binance, Huobi… In addition, the transaction price at Bityard is calculated according to the K-Line model with data from three major exchanges, Binance (30%), OKEx (40%). ) and Huobi (30%) to provide the most fair and accurate overall price.

Users also have a variety of deposit options such as wallet transfer, OTC cash, or credit card.

Free daily mining coin program

With just one computer and one account logged into Bityard, users can fully mine themselves, enjoy rich operating bonuses from the exchange. In addition, the mined coins will be immediately transferred to the wallet, which can be used for direct transactions and reduce transaction fees on the platform.

Simplify recharging

Bityard’s simple Trading mechanism is also optimized for users and especially inexperienced newbies. They have simplified functions as well as complex interfaces on the floor. Users can even trade as low as 5 USDT.

The first Margin exchange owns the exchange coin

In the near future, Bityard will issue an exchange called BYD. The number of tokens issued is 210 million units, 10 times the amount of Bitcoin issued. In the Daily Mining section, Bityard announced that it would issue 10.24 million BYD. Every account activated in the Daily Mining section will receive 6 to 16 BYD tokens randomly.

24/7 support team

When investors know how to divide assets, do not focus on a single exchange, the exchanges must strive to provide the best user service. This is the reason why Bityard focuses on building a 24/7 support team that works in many forms such as live chat, email, and many other communication methods.


Overall, Bityard is an impressive trading platform. This is one of the platforms that owns the simplest interface and transaction mechanism, following the motto “Detailed contract, easy transaction”. Moreover, Bityard is exceptionally fully compliant with the law with financial licenses that ensure enough trust for users.

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