Justin Sun reacts after accusing Tron of paying celebrities to tweet

Tron has been in constant controversy since its launch in 2017. First the plagiarism whitepaper and then all the negative news revolving around Justin Sun, the project’s vain founder.

All paid by Tron?

Today, Tron found a fix for himself after a Youtuber said that he was offered to pay the project to lure out millions of followers. Sun flatly denied the claims, but Youtuber shared screenshots as evidence – drawing the attention of all the celebrities who tweeted about Tron over the past week.


Marques Brownlee, a popular tech Youtuber who runs the MKBHD channel, said in a tweet Tuesday that he had been offered money by Tron to talk about the network and make it appear as an “organic money”. I said:

“I don’t want to learn about TRON, but I’m willing to help you find any information on this. I have an email receipt, ”he said.

That was in response to Sun’s earlier tweet. Brownlee claims “not authorized” by the Tron Foundation. Tron will work with community members to see if this effort is pursued by the Tron Foundation.

Besides that, although Brownlee doesn’t accept any payments, Tron is said to have paid celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and NE-YO to tweet about Tron, the ecosystem, and the projects it builds on. its blockchain (mainly projects with direct links to Sun).

In such a tweet, Lohan said that “was exploring DeFi and liked JST, SUN, TRX. Super fast and 0 charge. Good job”. Similar tweets were then sent out by Akon, Jake Paul, Amanda Cerny and others.

Neither of them disclosed whether the tweet was advertised or not, even though US law requires all ads on social media to be appropriately disclosed with the “promotional” tag. For her part, Sun said in another tweet that celebrities are actually using Tron “due to its fast speed and low cost”.

However, Brownlee did expose those claims. He shared a screenshot of a letter saying “we don’t need to make it look like a sponsored tweet, Marques could openly comment on what he thinks of Tron in a tweet and post it. ”

“Glad to add his honest opinion, nothing wrong or scripted,” added the alleged email from Tron.

Jason Choi, a joint partner at crypto fund Spartan Group, says such actions could be heavily fined by US authorities, after considering similar cases in the past.

“No one is surprised that the celebrity TRX stork on Twitter seemed to be sponsored and the disclosure was deliberately ignored. If Lindsay Lohan received the fine as Mayweather did, it would be + 70% of her net worth (assuming the public data is correct)

Meanwhile, whether celebrities are actually paid remains a mystery. But in the meantime, Sun decided to deactivate Twitter for a while.

TRON releases its new NFT standard detail

The developers behind the TRON blockchain have published the specifications of TRC-721, the NFT-specific standard.

Technical description document for token issuance using the standard TRC-721, TRC-721 is a standard interface set for issuing NFT on TRON network and fully compatible with ERC-721, a standard which is used to generate NFTs on Ethereum blockchain.

According to reports, the NFT can be released on the TRON blockchain with the help of the TronLink Chrome extension, with users required to have a minimum balance of 350 TRX (around $ 18.3 at current prices). to issue the NFT. Users can customize the token’s name and symbol upon issuance.

Why is TRON releasing the NFT standard?

First announced in December 2020, TRON’s NFT standard aims to open up new possibilities for applications built on the blockchain. In the long run, it could also put additional pressure on Ethereum or on NFT-specialized platforms like the Flow Blockchain. While Ethereum remains the dominant force in the NFT ecosystem today, the skyrocketing Ethereum gas fees has created opportunities for competitors to jump in for market share.

Additionally, Tron claims to combine low transaction fees with near-instant payments. According to the Tron Foundation, the protocol has been running for almost 3 years without any problems. Although it was the target of a malicious attack in November 2020, the production of new blocks was temporarily halted.

Technical description release TRC-721 comes after Justin Sun almost won an NFT auction held at Christie’s. Digital artist Beeple’s NFT sold for a record $ 69.3 million. The winner’s final bid was more than $ 250,000 more than Sun’s bid. Earlier, Sun took his hat off in his fight for the NFT in Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, bidding as much as $ 1 million.

But also, most likely, Justin Sun deliberately lost the auction, because this is a way of polishing himself without losing any money.