Bit Genesis Mining – The boom in the crypto era

In recent years, the cryptocurrency boomed strongly, especially the event Bitcoin hit ~$20,000, making crypto investment hotter than ever. With Blockchain technology as the core, cryptocurrencies are being widely used and applied in many different fields. Accordingly, the Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) project, with an extremely attractive investment method and considered a potential project, is increasingly asserting its leading position in the world cryptocurrency market as well as in Vietnam.

So what is Bit Genesis Mining (BGM)?

Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) coin, using POW and X11 algorithm, this coin has a total supply equivalent to Bitcoin with 21,000,000 is the maximum number of Coins that can be provided on the crypto market with Bit Genesis token Mining (BGM), Having time of this Coin is 6 months.

Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) is a scalable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) smart contract platform. Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) aims for a decentralized and self-operating marketplace. Everyone can use services flexibly and quickly, such as buying goods in the Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) ecosystem, depositing or withdrawing money anywhere, without going to a center. deal.

Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) is mined through the world’s 8 largest mining pools from one of the leading Cryptocurrency Mining and Supply Groups in the world. Although it has just been launched since the beginning of 2020, despite the economic crisis caused by Covid19, the Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) community still attracts over 2,000,000 customers who are trusted partners and are growing.

Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) Development Roadmap

Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) has a macro development strategy with a highly specialized team that always adheres to the set plan. Specifically, on September 20, 2020, the Airdrop program to reward 5,000,000 Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) coins ended. Right after that, customers can withdraw Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) to their personal wallet, next Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) will be officially traded on the free market and listed on a number of international exchanges such as: Probit, CMC, Okex, Fobit and many other crypto exchanges. Accordingly, the programs applied in the Bit Genesis Mining Ecosystem (BGM) will be launched in the following quarters one by one.

Development Goals

Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) provides a fair, efficient and transparent trading environment, free from geographical, time and market constraints, leading the industry in financial innovation and technology. technology. The goal of Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) is to promote the growing cryptocurrency mining industry, bring good value to the crypto community, towards a sustainable, increasingly prosperous community. Within the next 10 years, the digital currency economy will exceed 10 trillion USD, Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) will become the foundation in the relationship between the decentralized economy and daily life.

The attraction of Bit Genesis Mining (BGM)

We investors must definitely own this coin because of the following factors:

1. Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) is mined through the world’s 8 largest mining pools by the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining provider.

2. Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) using masternode technology, X11 is modern and extremely secure. This project works on a decentralized application (DApp) and is completely not controlled or governed by a third party.

3. Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) is in the process of building and developing the community. Currently owning a large community and is expanding and upgrading, holding Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) at this stage is an advantage.

4. The Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) digibank ecosystem is developing very strongly, which will bring many experiences and utilities to Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) investors. Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) futures can be exchanged on many major exchanges and exchanged for many products, goods and services around the world.

5. Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) has a clear strategic vision, and is still on the right track.

6. Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) owns a team of highly qualified and experienced support staff.

It can be said that Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) is a valuable coin that investors cannot ignore. On October 5, Bit Genesis Mining (BGM) was officially listed on the exchange and almost 100% will increase in price according to the schedule. Choosing Bit Genesis Mining (BGM), investors can rest assured without worrying about how the market fluctuates.

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